Sharyn Bovat Comes from a Family with a History of Seving America.....

Sharyn Bovat spent many holidays celebrating events at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club.  Her grandfather was friends with the guy who was the CIA director when President Kennedy was assassinated;  NO he never told her anything.  He took his secrets to the grave.

Sharyn has blogged for OVER 2 years and has NEVER told anything that would hurt America.  Still she's had almost 2 million hits on her blog
people know she was a "credible research worker.   Those that were connected to deals during Iran Contra have tried to discredit her:   She has been jailed 3 times for a "trumped up" 1st time misdemeanor.  Sharyn Bovat fears for her life in Tennessee. The state is #1 in corruption.

On New Year's Eve she posted this "message to mom" on one of her blogs:

Mom, If your reading this & "if" you're going to the club tonight can YOU please ask Mr. Panetta (who might be there since he belongs to the same club) to tell one of his staffers to call the Governor of Tennessee: (615) 741-2001

Papa said ONLY go to the top when you REALLY need help.   After being jailed 3 times on a "trumped up" 1st time misdemeanor .... It's really needed.  Mr. Panetta might remember me from Ave Maria when i was visiting mops back in the 90's. 

Please also tell Mr. Panetta THANK YOU for getting Bin Laden.


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