Lockerbie Cover UP Continuing VIA NYC: Mainstream Media Maven Mayor Bloomberg''s Office Ratified a Contract Giving a Company that Does Business in Iran LOTS of Revenue. The CEO of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn KNOWS Who's Responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing - is staying silent and is getting rewarded....

Right NOW People from These Countries are Reading just one of my Blogs....

NYC- Decides to Fuel Terrorism By Supporting NISSAN 

Sharyn Bovat the Proud Great Great Granddaughter of the former Governor of Maryland is VERY Proud that the State of Maryland will NOT support the Iranian Regime.

The People of NYC are NOT supporting what is morally right due to Cronyism, Corruption and people that are willing to deal with IRAN in order to "make a buck"... That said: Many people in Iran are good people that want peace.  Sanctions are a way to do that.  The ISSUE is they need to be tough and enforced.   John Bolton is right to "fear" Iran... Still he needs to be a part of the solution and tell the American people WHY Iran is bad,  If people knew that Iran was responsible or partially responsible for hte Lockerbie bombing then they would "get it"  NOW the don't ...

New Cab Plan Curbs Hybrids

Wall Street Journal - ‎15 hours ago‎
But when the Taxi and Limousine Commission makes the Nissan NV-200 mandatory, 
it will set in motion an unintended change: The shift will drastically reduce the number 
of hybrid taxis on city streets—now almost half the fleet and what Mayor Michael ...

Potholes await 'Taxi of Tomorrow'

New York Daily News - ‎9 hours ago‎
The Nissan could be a bumpy ride for consumers and drivers, too. If you, as a cab driver, 
want to take the new car out for a test drive, you are out of luck: It doesn't exist. Not a single 
production model has been tested on New York's streets — or anywhere else, ...

TLC Holds Final Vote On "Taxi Of Tomorrow"

NY1 - ‎3 hours ago‎
Nissan won a 10-year contract back in 2011 to provide the exclusive taxi for the city 
starting next year, which will be paid for solely by medallion owners. The shift would 
also drastically reduce the number of hybrid taxis. "When the 'Taxi of Tomorrow' is fully ...


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