It's Time People Told Iran That They Have to Behave..

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: From Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower - Thursdays NYC Taxi Decision is PURE Cronyism. Can Someone Tell Mayor Bloomberg to Care About America?

Please Investigate... There's a small opportunity to stop thisllll 

NYC Has Given a HUGE contract to NISSAN.  NISSAN does Business in Iran and was committed fraud with Dept. Of Energy money.

The NISSAN CEO is connected to terrorist....  People seem to not care, Why?

Sep 19, 2012

it looks like Mayor Bloomberg has an opportunity to do the ETHICAL thing.

Is he capable of putting AMerica BEFORE Cronyism?

Thank you Sharyn Bovat

Sep 11, 2012
Below I sent to political leaders in Tennessee - there was a press conference today in NYC at the auto show: Last night Mayor Bloomberg appeared with Carlos Ghosn with the new taxi. FYI- I was told Bloomberg pushed the ...

Sep 11, 2012
The New NISSAN (1 Billion dollar Contract) NYC taxi's fuel Terrorism. The Taxi will be built in MEXICO.... IT's OK that jobs will not be created because Bloomberg's buddy Carlos Ghosn who did deals with Iran during Iran ...
Mar 22, 2012
NISSAN's NYC Taxi...Made in Mexico: 40+% of Profits Support Iran....NISSAN's Marketing VP Jon Branchaeu is MOODY.....Maybe He Feel Bad About American Troops Killed By Iranian Weapons? NISSAN It's Time to Show ...
May 05, 2012
Nissan is on the UANI Iran Watch list and the company is owned by Renault which is ALSO on the list for supporting Iranian economy: the Ford taxi was to be built in America and was attractive, Nissan is building the NYC taxi ...

Apr 06, 2012
The Taxis NISSAN is making for NYC will be built in Mexico and 40+% of profits go to Renault and the French goverment. Its a historic fact that The French sell weapons to Hezzbolla and pro Iranian supporters. Please tell ...
Mar 27, 2012
Also NISSAN Decided to make the Taxi of Tomorrow in Mexico so NOW America gets "no benifit" by NYC buying Taxi's from NISSAN I was told that If they were made in America the taxis would cost only 1500 more to make.
Feb 25, 2012
Also the NYC taxi commission gave a contract worth OVER 1 Billion dollars to NISSAN and the taxis will be built in Mexico and the about 43% of the profits will go to Renault and they will share their technology with Iran.


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