Carter Citibank Connected to Condor: Carlos Ghosn's Connected to Creepy CIA Element

Ok Ira OBVIOUS the Lockerbie cover up is connected to Iran Contra and that'is connected to Operatiom Condor which is connected to the end of the Vietnam war (protecting the French/Michelin). It's all about money. Creepy people were BOTH parties. I was.contacted by a person who's dad was part of Bay of Pig. This was my 2nd "pig kid"

They're luckily the condor children were apart of history that nobody in America knows about.

Bottom line The world needs to change. With the Internet there's the opportunity for global transparency.

I do NOT know to what of any extent America played in Condor: I just know Neocons who pontificated.

t I've been terrorized for over 3 years and until mid February of this year I was terrified of the Tennessee courts they assisted those linked to Iran and were going to railroad me: ONLY when Terry Wood of the DA's office called me and said the State was not planning in prosecuting me and he reassured me that he would not file more charges was I able to sleep. For OVER 3 year people in Tennessee stalked me and have made my life miserable. I need people to contact Tennessee leaders and tell Tennessee to tell Nissan to mediate: Nissan "outed" me. They made me the companies #2 security risk and told other offices in June 2009. ONLY after they did that did I speak of doing LOW LEVEL research for CIA operatives.

FYI- In 1993 I left that life and I've been forced to now "own my past" one that I've tried to forget for almost 20 years.

The person who's dad did Bay of Pigs like me has a life of Unanswered questions: we do not know what we were told by our parents was true or not. We're the chaos of confusion the aftermath of cover ups. We of all peoria respect the Lockerbie families and we want the families to know what we will never have and that's the truth.

In reference to Condor: Carlos Ghosn for YOU to be scared of Sharyn Bovat says " your connected" to that terror and maybe your dad did deals? YOU hired ex CIA connected to Michelin
YOU need to tell congress what YOU know about Condor took I


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